MuL 3.2.5 Commercially available now!

It gives us immense pleasure to announce availability of mul-3.2.5 (Carrier Grade).

Release Notes:

All the following features are fully supported.

Meter support
Group support
Port/Flow/Group/Meter/Queue statistics
High Availability
Many security and stability fixes in infrastructure

Features Specification: Continue reading

Mul 3.0.1-beta available now

It gives us immense pleasure to announce availability of mul-3.0.1 (beta). With this MuL has hit couple of firsts : 1) One of the first to support Openflow v1.3.x  and, 2) One of the first to support both OF v1.3.x and backward compatibility with OF v1.0

The release is deemed beta due to lack of multiple switch implementations that we could test against. We welcome any switch vendors willing to interop their hardware (with of1.3.1 support) to get in touch with us for same.

Release Notes (3.0.1-beta) :

– Support for Openflow 1.3.x
* Wire protocol implementation
* Enhanced Multiple Groups support
* Enhanced Multiple Tables support
– Backward compatibility with Openflow 1.0 (supports both openflow versions)
– Many security and stability fixes in infrastructure
– Improved documentation (inside docs folder in source code)


MuL development team

mul v2.8.30 released !!

This release contains many bug fixes and performance improvements in various components.  Latest source-code tar can be downloaded from The latest repo can also be downloaded using “git clone git:// mul-code” 


mul v2.0.00 released !!

We are proud to announce the next release of mul – 2.0.00

Source tar ball can be downloaded from .
Git repo is also available : git clone git:// mul-code

In brief, we have following new features under the hood :

Core infrastructure
– Availability of “services” exported to various apps.
– Support for RPC or shared memory constructs for inter-app communication
– Support for auxillary connections by “core” mul to boost parallel processing
– Support for seqlock primitive for low contention locking
– datapath-id abstraction into a sequential-id space for applications
– Stringent flow and action validations before applying to hardware
– Support for almost all OF 1.0 actions

New applications  Continue reading

MuL architecture in a nutshell

MuL is designed for flexibility. Towards the south it can support 
multiple south-bound api. Whereas towards the north, it interfaces 
to applications via a ML-API and RESTful NB-API. Applications using
ML-API has the option of being hosted inline the same process 
address space as MuL core to execute in-context and gain maximum 
performance.With the SDKs that come with MuL, the app developer or 
the app itself need not know how and where they are running.

The multi-threaded core is optimized using subtle cache-aware 
programming to get the max mileage especially from Intel CPUs.

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Hello App – Mul Controller App development note

This post will demonstrate how to write an application for Mul Controller.


1. MuL Controller code and other required packages/libraries. Please refer to this post for more detailed instruction.

2. Average C language knowledge

Sample Application

A sample application for MuL controller can be found here .  Such an application is called a system app since it hooks up with internal apis of MuL controller.  (Another form of application is web-based application which makes use of REST/python apis which is not mentioned here and is covered here )   Continue reading

First ever release of open-source MuL SDN controller

MūL, is an openflow (SDN) controller. It has a C based muli-threaded infrastructure at its core. It supports a multi-level north bound interface for hooking up applications. It is designed for performance and reliability which is the need of the hour for deployment in mission-critical networks. Please visit Mul’s official project hosted at for further technical details. We welcome community involvement in evolution of our open-source controller and hope it becomes one of the best open-source controller available.
We will use this blog to update about the latest news and info about MuL controller.