Openmul powers Govt. of South Korea’s unified LTE-Wifi-Wired project

Openmul was used as the SDN controller platform of choice for a super ambitious project of Govt. of South Korea to combine Wifi, LTE and Wired elements of network together using SDN.

Check the details of the project  : openmul-LTE-WiFi-Wired

openmul team feels honored for being selected and having successfully supported the project so far.

When contacted one of the developers of the Govt. sponsored consortium, Mr Changwoo KIm, stated “Openmul came as a natural choice for us since most of the developers had an affinity for industry grade C language code-bases. On top of that, this project required high performance, easy to program interfaces and at the same time needed different applications to be completely segregated as standalone modules without affecting performance or other modules. We were glad that openmul provided all of these and the team supported us all along”

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